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LandQwest introduces premier development sites through a rigorous qualification process. We serve clients a full spectrum of commercial services, from site analysis and land acquisition to investment dispositions.

Transcending conventional brokerage services, we establish various relationships for our clients to deliver quality products and generate lucrative returns to your investments.

We offer a deep understanding of complex assets and their numerous dynamics. Many of these include demographic studies, GIS mapping, reporting of in-place or prospective entitlements, underwriting and feasibility analysis for new projects and more.

By integrating all in-house commercial specialties, we provide valuable and credible intelligence for all aspects of your project.

Whether it’s a local opportunity or prominent acreage, LQ facilitates rewarding transactions from our extensive client base.

To determine highest and best use and develop targeted materials, we use state-of-the-art research to strategically identify:

Progressive software that programs for demographic studies, void analysis and detailed GIS mapping.

Targeting appropriate, qualified prospects  with
in-depth research and a maximum utilization of LQ’s broad client range.

Thorough reporting of in-place or prospective entitlements for your proposed developments or investments. 

With key relationships and internal expertise, LQ rapidly shares in the underwriting and feasibility processes.

All sites presented receives supporting research that are unique to their use and site requirements.

Real-time market studies and detailed transactional research , updated monthly by internal team members.