Executing the Lease is only the beginning. What comes next is critical to the success of your asset. While this step is resource-intensive, it requires both time and a unique skillset.

The administration of a lease is one of the most crucial facets performed by a Property Management Company. This task relies on accuracy, attention to detail, and suitability. If the information contained within the database is incorrect, the risks can be considerable and the financial losses substantial.

Our team understands the significance of lease administration, as an important step during the course of our management on-boarding procedures which ultimately affects your bottom line.

LandQwest Property Management assists with all rent collections, reconciliations and recoveries, lease renewals, assesses both leases and amendments to ensure tenant compliancy, and even facilitates evictions if they become necessary. We establish protocols for ongoing management with critical date functions so that you have time to assess relevant resolution points within a timely manner.

We are proud to have a dedicated, highly skilled, and organized staff to ensure that all leases are expertly handled.

We aim to provide you the same level of professionalism and success. Let LandQwest be part of your Best Practice Solution Team. 

We partner with owners on objectives and strategies to provide financial health information about their assets.

Don’t lose control over quality, cost or consistency. Routine maintenance invests in an assets’ financial success!

Insightful tenant relations are key to the LandQwest platform. This is achieved through experience and responsiveness.

Through fire, flood or storm, our 24-hour service mitigates damage and minimizes business interruptions.

We’ve mastered the complexities of commercial renovations  to
add value through
“Curb Appeal.”

Not everything is one-size-fits-all, so leverage your
buying power with
a competitive
insurance platform.