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LandQwest is a nationally recognized commercial real estate brokerage organization that provides business partners with property management, tenant representation, leasing, sales, and consulting services to uniquely shape the commercial landscapes in the communities we serve.

Our corporate structure is founded on local roots to provide personalized brokerage and full-service management services across Florida.

All our “Qwesters” are a passionate team of results-driven commercial real estate professionals with a firm foundation built on integrity, innovation, and a commitment to exceeding client expectations. We treat our tenants, landlords, and investors as business partners, and craft individual strategies to ensure long-term client success.

Established in April 2005, our successful business model expanded to offer Statewide service; hence a Tampa office was established in 2009 and, due to increased productivity and demand, Orlando opened in 2014. In Spring 2019, LandQwest continued to saturate its Central, West Central and Southwest Florida markets by opening a fourth office in Naples.

We offer in-house expertise and technologies at every level to expedite your personalized tenant representation, leasing, sales and property management for all commercial real estate assets.

"Dawn made sure to call us around or before hurricane season to make sure her properties were taken care of. She is professional and high standard of quality on facilities."

- Justin Parkhurst
PuroClean Disaster Clean

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn makes sure all projects finish on time and the communication is perfect. All of the jobs Dawn gives us are great and we appreciate them."

- Joey Venoy
Airite Air Conditioning

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"We chose to work with Dawn because she was extremely friendly, prompt and professional. Her willingness to commit her time and effort to help resolve an issue at one of her properties is unparalleled."

- Brett Critcher
ProWaste USA

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"We changed leasing companies and nothing was being addressed by the old management company. Dawn came on board and started addressing our issues right away and you can always count on Dawn."

- Ryan Milicic
All Inclusive 4U Vacations

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn is our point person for Property Management. We recently completed a sizable renovation and move into our new location. As with any newly occupied space, there are always challenges and struggles to get things going. Dawn has been phenomenal in staying on top of issues and making sure they are all addressed either by the landlord directly or by suggesting an outside vendor where necessary. Timely and meaningful responses are so critical when you have a facility issue, and Dawn has time and time again been exceptional in her prompt and caring responses."

- Andrew Bell
Tag Agency

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Highly recommended. Great communicator, gets the job done when asked in a very quick manner." - Sergeant Joe Catanzaro "Dawn is very personable and professional. She also takes care of any problem immediately. Any project she handles usually is completed in a timely manner. We are very satisfied with her service." - Yong Hall

- Sergeant Joe Catanzaro & Yong Hall
Orlando Police Department

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"A moment that stood out to me was when Dawn came out of her way to see a Security Officer that works on her property get promoted to a management position within our company. A very special moment for the Security Officer. Dawn is amazing to work with. She is an effective communicator and always has a can do attitude, It has been A pleasure working along side her for the past two years."

- Juan Rodriguez Jr.
Most Qualified Security Professionals

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"I have worked with Dawn for several years. Her first focus is always in doing whats best for the customer and the property owner’s facility. I have always enjoyed working for Dawn as she is fair and just as a property manager. She is active in visiting her properties and getting on the roofs to see first hand the conditions and deficiencies affecting the facility."

- Daniel Imboden
Core Roofing Systems

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn is a great teammate who meets or exceeds her commitments. She cares and wants to ensure that all projects are completed on time and in accordance with the requirements."

- Barry Bender
United Stor-All

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn was very fast to get in touch with. She is professional and truly enjoys what she does. She always goes the extra mile to be sure her tenants are taken care of no matter how big or small."

- Temika Kindred
Foxy Fitness Studio & Pole

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"We work with other commercial property agents to secure insurance policies and Dawn's attention to detail and lead time given to us as insurance agents is extremely valuable and something she does much better than others we work with." - Eric Atsma "Dawn solves problems. If I had to sum up her professionalism with on term it would be: "Problem Solver." Communication and the ability to problem solve is usually the #1 thing that clients want in this space (from my experience) and she is an expert and both." - Brett Young

- Eric Atsma & Bretty Young
Erb and Young Insurance

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn has taken us with her on new properties and we are just glad to have a great relationship with a great property manager."

- Stacey Boeshko
RH Miller Pest Services, Inc

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"I have known Dawn for about six years and she excels in management, communication, kindness and promptness"

- Chris Albury
Lapin Services

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"I been working with Dawn for almost ten years and she will give you all the tools to do your job and communicate with you"

- Mariano Cardozo
Romaga Landscaping

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn's attention to detail and always making sure her client is getting the best bang for the dollar and Dawn is one of my favorites to do business with."

- Christopher Hill
Blackrock Asphalt/Rose Paving