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Emergency Management

In the business of property management, we learn to expect the unexpected. No property owner wants to be in a situation where they need emergency management.

Damages to your property can happen in an instant and can be very devastating. Common disasters like flooding from heavy rains, strong winds, backed up sewer lines, fire, broken water lines, mold growth and even defacement of property happens all too often. The benefit of hiring a company like LandQwest is that you won’t be left to handle situations like this alone. We coordinate the necessary repairs with qualified licensed vendors, remove debris, board-up windows and even facilitate tenant communications.


LandQwest works extensively to minimize interruptions to business operations, while maintaining a positive image of the center and its owners. We offer 24-hour Emergency Response Services to help facilitate these matters and strive to make it as stress-free as possible.

Our specialized managers will provide you with a comprehensive inspection, detailed with photographs, timelines, notes, and back-up invoices for both you and your insurance provider.

We help you prepare, plan, and stay informed.