Brenda Montgomery

Property Manager


Brenda Montgomery joined Landqwest Commercial Property Management in August 2022 as a Property Manager covering Central and North Florida.

Brenda’s wealth of professional experience in real estate for over 25 years helps her oversee the day-to-day commercial property operations throughout the Central and North Florida market.


Whether in the retail, office, or industrial sector, her responsibilities include supervision of repairs and maintenance, budgets, tenant improvements, ensuring tenants follow lease regulations, and creating overall value to the owners bottom-line.


Brenda is a team player and always listens to others, as it takes a village to accomplish our bottom-line goals for our owners, as well as keeping our tenants happy.


Additional duties include tenant relations, building improvements, and effectively working and communicating the client’s needs.


Prior to LandQwest, Brenda started her real estate career in the commercial construction industry and after 3 years of negotiating contracts with contractors and interior designers, discovered her love for commercial property management, creating and maintaining budgets for Owners and helping the tenants in order to retain them for years to come. Her can-do attitude is there are no problems, only challenges that can be overcome. She has worked with notable names such as Lincoln Property Company, C.B. Richard Ellis (CBRE), Michael Swerdlow Companies, Gaedeke Group and Publix.


She was a Girl Scout Leader for 13 years, Red Cross Volunteer during Hurricane Andrew, and volunteers in her community in Seminole County with the Food Bank and Vote Seminole.


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