Jessica Nuccio

Accounting Specialist


Jessica recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrated Studies. Jessica wishes to pursue her educational goals by obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Accounting over the next few years.


Jessica joined the LandQwest Property Management family in 2019 as an Accounting Specialist. Her primary duties include; receiving and posting checks, processing ACH tenant payments, posting monthly rent, CAM and sales tax charges for all tenants. Another duty is receiving and resolving tenants, owners, and property manager’s inquiries regarding tenants’ lease payments, renewals, and other questions.


Jessica works with tenants and owners to clear up any delinquencies and or collections. She also updates Property Managers of any expiring leases, assisting in the completion of monthly financials and assisting with coordination of all tenant’s security deposit charges, payments, and reconciliations.


Additional responsibilities include monthly sales tax reconciliations and reporting. Assist Special Projects Coordinator with Lease Activations for New Properties that are onboarded, and complete Move Outs for Tenants that are vacating.


Jessica’s dedication, positive attitude, and ability to learn new tasks quickly has made her a great asset to the LandQwest Accounting team. Jessica enjoys learning new things and wants to continue to grow within the LandQwest family.

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