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How does the financial health of your property look? 

A major component of our services is state-of-the-art financial reporting. Due to the diverse nature of our business, financial statements do not fit into a single mold. Your property’s financials are no different. 

Through Yardi Voyager, LandQwest Property Management handles owner financials, budgets, forecasts, and maintenance tracking for a comprehensive view of your portfolio, which is supported by role-based dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications, and analytics.

Since Yardi is web-based, no matter if our team is at their desk or in the field, our managers can provide real-time data to serve you efficiently and effectively from anywhere and at any time. This element aids in saving time, money, and improves the interactivity with our tenants, owners, and their investors.

Minimizing risk and maximizing returns are essential components to a successful business venture. Our team can prepare financial reports to fit the needs of an investor’s small or large portfolio. We provide comprehensive reporting that accurately reflects your assets’ position, so you can make informed decisions about the asset’s future within the market.

Don’t let your financial reporting fall short. LQ stands poised and prepared to assist you in this ever-changing economy.

Insightful tenant relations are key to the LandQwest platform. This is achieved through experience and responsiveness.

Don’t lose control over quality, cost or consistency. Routine maintenance invests in an assets’ financial success!

We cover collections, reconciliations, renewals, etc. to ensure tenant compliancy … including evictions.

Through fire, flood or storm, our 24-hour service mitigates damage and minimizes business interruptions.

We’ve mastered the complexities of commercial renovations  to
add value through
“Curb Appeal.”

Not everything is one-size-fits-all, so leverage your
buying power with
a competitive
insurance platform.