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Physical Maintenance

We are in the business of relationships: with our Owners, our Tenants and our vendors/suppliers.

Finding qualified third-party contractors and subcontractors who are experienced, licensed and insured is a crucial and time consuming aspect of the management process. At LandQwest Property Management, we have an in-depth vetting process for evaluating, qualifying, and selecting our vendors. They are essentially an extension of the LandQwest brand, and as many vendors might say, it’s not easy to get on our preferred vendor list! We take pride in our high standards.

Our industry is both proactive and reactive to varying degrees, depending on the situation. Having preventative planned maintenance by qualified professionals can reduce the amount of times one has to “react”. It limits time and money spent on emergency repairs, and in the long run, extends the life of key components. This approach also reduces the risk of legal damage / injury / negligence liabilities.

Beyond the daily operational side, LandQwest aids in the financial strength of your property. Preparing specifications, soliciting bids and forecasting capital improvements ensure your property’s financial profitability.

Should an unfortunate event occur, we even provide a 24-hour Emergency Response Support to minimize business disruptions.