When is the last time you had your insurance policy audited? It’s likely you’re spending more on insurance than you should and NOT everything you believe to be covered, IS covered.

Now is the time to leverage your buying power. As a valued client of LandQwest Property Management, you are eligible to participate in our Master Insurance Program. Not only can this competitive insurance product be a cost savings benefit, it can also broaden coverages which a standard independent policy may not provide.  



§  Lower premium costs

§  One renewal date

§  Simplified billing

§  Simplicity of allocation for budgeting

§  Option for blanket limits on property and liability

§  Ease for adding in new locations

§  Strong relationship with partner carriers

LandQwest is committed to excellence in your Property Management needs and our insurance program is just one more benefit that separates us from other property management firms. We know there might not be a one-size-fits-all solution for your asset(s), different circumstances call for difference tactics. But we make it simple to weigh your options.


Have your insurance policy audit today, so you can determine the best course for your asset’s coverage!

We partner with owners on objectives and strategies to provide financial health information about their assets.

Don’t lose control over quality, cost or consistency. Routine maintenance invests in an assets’ financial success!

We cover collections, reconciliations, renewals, etc. to ensure tenant compliancy … including evictions.

Through fire, flood or storm, our 24-hour service mitigates damage and minimizes business interruptions.

We’ve mastered the complexities of commercial renovations  to
add value through
“Curb Appeal.”

Insightful tenant relations are key to the LandQwest platform. This is achieved through experience and responsiveness.