Bob [Pekol] has taken our shop space from 28% to 100% occupied in less than one year, with a good tenant mix of experienced, and market-established operators. We had a prior relationship with [LandQwest] Property Management, which was beneficial to have management and leasing under one roof ... communication is critical as existing tenants expand and new tenants move in.

- Will Pouch, General Manager
Delta Interests, LLC

Agent: Bob Pekol

"I love how nicely the landscaping is kept up at this property! I will be excited when the sea wall project is completed so we will have more parking. Karen has pushed diligently to get that completed and apologizes for any inconvenience to us as tenants."

- Janine Burrows
American Construction and Plumbing, Inc.

Agent: Karen Dujka

"We chose to work with Dawn because she was extremely friendly, prompt and professional. Her willingness to commit her time and effort to help resolve an issue at one of her properties is unparalleled."

- Brett Critcher
ProWaste USA

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"I been working with Dawn for almost ten years and she will give you all the tools to do your job and communicate with you"

- Mariano Cardozo
Romaga Landscaping

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn has taken us with her on new properties and we are just glad to have a great relationship with a great property manager."

- Stacey Boeshko
RH Miller Pest Services, Inc

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"We working with property manager, Dawn McCranie and she is amazing and always fast to respond and take of issues. She always resolves any issue in a good time frame and is always very professional and polite."

- Denise White
Concept Salon Suites

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"The owner(s) of the plaza hired LandQwest and Laura and her team have been much more involved than the previous company. Laura follows through on our requests for repairs and very helpful with the minor vagrancy issue here along the beaches." "It will be your last call you need to make if you need a professional and efficient Property Management Company."

- Julie Stillwell
Century 21 Beggins

Agent: Laura Juteau, ARM, CPM

"Dawn's attention to detail and always making sure her client is getting the best bang for the dollar and Dawn is one of my favorites to do business with."

- Christopher Hill
Blackrock Asphalt/Rose Paving

"Dawn made sure to call us around or before hurricane season to make sure her properties were taken care of. She is professional and high standard of quality on facilities."

- Justin Parkhurst
PuroClean Disaster Clean

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"LandQwest is a reputable company with strong manager. When a property manager knows the property, conveyance of information is key. The managers are smart and know what the properties they represent need while watching budget. You will find loyalty."

- Kathleen Sorensen
Superior Fire & Life Safety, Inc

Agent: Heather Johnson, CAM

"I chose to work with Heather due to her professionalism. She is very easy to work with and easily accessible."

- Brian Langford
Langford Lawn

Agent: Heather Johnson, CAM

We heard about LandQwest Commercial from some of our retailers and chose to work with them because of their excellent representation and strong level of expertise. The team is professional, hardworking and has a reputation of an honest firm. We would recommend LandQwest because they are experts for businesses throughout the Southern Florida region. It is a firm that is a pleasure to work with.

- Shaun Benderson, Partner
Benderson Development

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM

Benderson Development

I chose to work with Mike (Concilla) for his experience and professionalism, and have done so for over 10 years in a sales and leasing capacity. For example, we have worked on multiple Planet Fitness leases, and recently achieved a really low cap rate on a Port Charlotte strip center. He provides more detail and can execute better than the competition. Hire him!

- Rusty Richardson
Richardson Commercial Properties

Agent: Mike Concilla

"Your extra efforts and professional attitudes make our tenants want to stay with us! You and Galvin [Oakes] are presenting us so well. Thank you. Appreciated, and a big thumbs up!"

- Yaning Yu
Kingo Investment

Agent: Laura Juteau CPM & Galvin Oakes

I hired LandQwest six months ago and through the efforts of Adam and his staff I can confidently say that Spring Creek has not only signed several new tenants…not only is that a remarkable accomplishment but these are all quality long term tenants. Adam and his associates have shown me, that, with industry knowledge and confidence in your abilities you can prosper even in adverse situations. I highly recommend you consider his team if you are in need of his type of services.

- Fred LaFond, Owner
Talon Properties

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM

This is an easy letter of recommendation to write because we are talking about Adam Palmer. When you get Adam on your side, your chance of success multiples geometrically. You can list all the commonly referred to attributes such as intelligence, memory bank and action. What you also need to keep in mind is Adam’s strategic and analytical thought process. Needless to say, I have experienced, firsthand, great success with Adam’s help…and heartily recommend Adam Palmer’s services.

- Herb Katz
Herb Katz

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM

Brian [Watson] walked in my office and introduced himself at a time when I needed to look for new office space. Brian was in the right place at the right time. Not having to try to search and schedule visits for available office space on my own was the most beneficial part of collaborating with him. It is very convenient to have someone do the legwork. Ask for Brian - he'll do a great job at finding you options and communicating on your terms.

- Dave Sherrill, President
Sherrill Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Agent: Brian Watson

Prior to working with Adam we had not experienced the results we were looking for out of other Brokers. However, once we had met with Adam and enlisted him as our advisor he was able to procure and navigate us through a complex transaction that seemed effortless with his expertise. With Adam and LandQwest it wasn't just about getting a deal done as he took every measure to ensure that we were getting the best deal done. On multiple occasions he went above and beyond just being an agent to help with the moving parts of this transaction. It is this kind of integrity and professionalism that truly sets him apart. For anyone even considering a commercial transaction either buying or selling, I can sincerely recommend Adam and LandQwest without any reservation.

- Richard Freund, Partner
Brooks & Freund

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM


Adam’s a very hard worker and very savvy when it comes to our market. He understands the complexity of deals that have a lot of moving parts and recognizes what’s required in order to execute the plan.”

- Robert Brooks, Regional Director
Songy Partners

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM

Songy Highroads

Adam is very knowledgeable on the property uses and the best type of tenant’s to increase a property’s value.

- Bruce Reid, Vice President
Iberia Bank

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM


"Heather Johnson and Eric Edwards have been a pleasure to work with as we grow our real estate holdings. Both have been extremely professional, responsive and informative to all our needs. LandQwest has a strong presence in various locations with multiple fields of experience. These attributes could provide for a healthy work environment with room for growth while surrounded by colleagues with wealth of knowledge to share."

- Chris Miele
Alico Business Center

Agent: Heather Johnson, CAM & Eric Edwards


"It has been a pleasure working with Kara Crowe to update and make changes to the brokers’ listings on CoStar and LoopNet. She’s very positive, attentive and great at communicating changes of listing prices, brochures and other marketing material, as well as deals that have been done."

- Elizabeth Simms, Marketing Research Advisor
CoStar Group, Inc.

Agent: Kara Crowe


"Dawn and her team are focused on their clients’ interests and well-being. They understand what it takes to obtain the best results for their clients. Dawn is knowledgeable in the subject matter, responsive to her clients and their agents, attentive to detail, and practical in coming up with solutions to difficult problems. She knows what it takes to manage the day-to day issues that arise at commercial properties."

- Brandon Degel
Winderweedle, Haines, Ward & Woodman

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Very professional and responsive and easy to work with. LandQwest also pays the service providers much quicker than their competition. I am sure this helps them build relationships with the best service providers who will provide quality reputable service to their clients." "We work with many Property Managers but LandQwest is the most professional, efficient and easy to work with. They are committed to customer satisfaction and it is reflected in how they do business and the relationships they build with their service providers."

- Steve Kedzior
FISH Window Cleaning Cape Coral

Agent: Heather Johnson, CAM

Eric had a property listed that I purchased. He not only showed me the building but found a tenant and put me in touch with a local bank. We have completed four more transactions since. In three years, I’ve purchased five properties thru Eric and leased numerous properties as well. Eric has done an outstanding job of finding properties that meet our investment criteria and finding tenants to occupy them and I have no hesitation in recommending him. On a number of occasions, Eric has gone above and beyond by dropping keys off, inspecting properties after the hurricane, and tracking paperwork down at the county building inspectors. It’s really helpful for out of town purchasers. Eric is a great resource for finding local people to deal with everything from painting, flooring, insurance and electricians. These are difficult tasks when you’re 3,000 miles away.

- Larry Bly
Ladd Eastman LLC

Agent: Eric Edwards

Frank was professional and knowledgeable. He listened to what I had to say, and did not waste my time. I would recommend Frank to anyone.

- Shawn Lemarie
Bistro 41 & Bayfront Bistro

Agent: Frank Kupiec

Bayfront Bistro-Bistro 41

"Dawn is a great teammate who meets or exceeds her commitments. She cares and wants to ensure that all projects are completed on time and in accordance with the requirements."

- Barry Bender
United Stor-All

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Dawn is our point person for Property Management. We recently completed a sizable renovation and move into our new location. As with any newly occupied space, there are always challenges and struggles to get things going. Dawn has been phenomenal in staying on top of issues and making sure they are all addressed either by the landlord directly or by suggesting an outside vendor where necessary. Timely and meaningful responses are so critical when you have a facility issue, and Dawn has time and time again been exceptional in her prompt and caring responses."

- Andrew Bell
Tag Agency

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"We changed leasing companies and nothing was being addressed by the old management company. Dawn came on board and started addressing our issues right away and you can always count on Dawn."

- Ryan Milicic
All Inclusive 4U Vacations

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"Karen is very approachable and friendly. She is a great listener and communicator and has been quick to respond if we've had issues."

- Kimberly Sanborn
Gulfside Chiropractic Health Center

Agent: Karen Dujka

"We are tenants in Maderia Commons and have been working with Laura for over three years and she excels in communication and she actually listens to tenants and works toward solutions versus passing the buck."

- Jeremy Runo
Daiquiri Shak Raw Bar & Grille

Agent: Laura Juteau, ARM, CPM

When Adam approached me concerning an investment-grade office property that I owned, I was skeptical when he suggested he could sell it for more than I was currently asking. 6 months prior, I had exclusively listed the property with the largest commercial real estate company in the world. Adam advised that the property was being undervalued by some of the existing terms and proposed that he could assist in restructuring the asset. 6 months later, everything worked as he had encouraged during his listing and the transaction closed to an out-of-state buyer for $1 million dollars more than the highest offer I had received from CBRE.

- Terry Brady
Terry Brady

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM

"Jason has always been very professional in the way he speaks and carries himself and I knew I could help him from a vendor perspective and he could improve my business. Jason will continue to be a great property manager and LandQwest is lucky to have him apart of their staff!"

- Nicholas Birnbaum
Kobie Kooling

Agent: Jason Swint, CAM

"Dawn is doing an excellent job as property manager and is good with all aspect of management"

- Harbhajan Singh
Celebration Plaza

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"We originally started working with LandQwest due to the excellent location that the team found to meet our needs. Karen, our property manager, really masters treating every tenant as if they were a family member. She is so personable to work with and deals with difficult issues with respect so that everyone feels important to LandQwest."

- Janine Burrows
American Construction & Plumbing, Inc.

Agent: Karen Dujka

Our organization had a rewarding experience in working with Adam Palmer on a recent commercial transaction. Our property had long experienced a high amount of vacancy and our attempts for disposition with this vacancy was preventing us from achieving our desired yield. Adam proposed a different approach to our sale that at first seemed risky to us. He continued to work with us in supplying all that we requested in regards to his proposals. After we were in agreement and finished executing his plan, he absorbed our vacancy and then secured the closing buyer who allowed us to achieve an even greater amount than our desired yield. Some brokers can make you feel that the reason they are working hard is only to get their fee in the easiest possible manor. With Adam, I really felt like he was focused on our organization and on doing all the right things to help us sell our property at the highest price to a great buyer. He did that.

- Craig Stevens, Partner
Morgan & Morgan

Agent: Adam Palmer, CCIM


"Laura is the epitome of a professional commercial property manager. She understands the multiple facets and dynamics of all of the properties she manages. Laura is always organized, on point and prepared for meetings and deadlines. She understands the needs of her vendors while managing the best interest of the property she is charged with managing. Laura always has a friendly smile and a great attitude even in the face of adversity or bumps in the road. Overall Laura is an asset and a joy to work with."

- Austin Clifford
Parking Lot Services

Agent: Laura Juteau, ARM, CPM

"Karen is the Property Manager for the building where I lease an executive suite. She is always very prompt and responsive. During the past four years, I have had to call her for repairs and other property issues and she has always responded to me and to the issue right away."

- Vall Gill
Mindful Presence Therap

Agent: Karen Dujka

I really enjoy Tai’s positive and upbeat attitude. He has worked extremely hard at selling two of our properties over the past four years (not to mention patient and helpful to work with). What really stands out is his work ethic. Tai worked very hard at marketing our property - one of the buyers for one of our properties fell through; however, within a couple days Tai had a new buyer at almost a $10,000 higher price! I would highly recommend Tai!

- Steve Drazen
Magical Growth Investments

Agent: Tai Lee, CCIM

"A moment that stood out to me was when Dawn came out of her way to see a Security Officer that works on her property get promoted to a management position within our company. A very special moment for the Security Officer. Dawn is amazing to work with. She is an effective communicator and always has a can do attitude, It has been A pleasure working along side her for the past two years."

- Juan Rodriguez Jr.
Most Qualified Security Professionals

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"She is always very friendly and engaging. She truly wants to help you get what you need and will work with you until she succeeds. She goes above and beyond and represents herself and her employer well."

- Beth Lavendar
Beth Lavendar

Agent: Karen Dujka

Wayne is such an authentic soul and human. Grateful to have people like him in my life! Beyond a business transaction, integrity and genuine selling is priceless these days.

- Sofie Nubani
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Agent: Wayne Entsminger


"Karen listens to me and follows through very promptly, she places her heart and soul into her job. She goes above and beyond to accomplish her job with compassion and kindness."

- Claudio Ferreri
Claudio Ferreri

Agent: Karen Dujka

"Laura hired Quality Fence of Manatee for the first time and we noticed Laura was extremely easy to work with and she excels in communication."

- Lee Parks
Quality Fence of Manatee

Agent: Laura Juteau, ARM, CPM

"Dawn was very fast to get in touch with. She is professional and truly enjoys what she does. She always goes the extra mile to be sure her tenants are taken care of no matter how big or small."

- Temika Kindred
Foxy Fitness Studio & Pole

Agent: Dawn McCranie

"I have worked with Dawn for several years. Her first focus is always in doing whats best for the customer and the property owner’s facility. I have always enjoyed working for Dawn as she is fair and just as a property manager. She is active in visiting her properties and getting on the roofs to see first hand the conditions and deficiencies affecting the facility."

- Daniel Imboden
Core Roofing Systems

Agent: Dawn McCranie

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike and LandQwest Commercial on several assets throughout Southwest Florida over the past few years. They provide unparalleled service, remain fully engaged in every step of the process, and bring a unique and tailored approach to each assignment. Highly recommend!

- Michael Davis – Managing Director/Partner
TerraCap Management

Agent: Michael Price, ALC

TerraCap Management

"Karen and I have worked together on multiple projects and I am always blown away by her attention to detail. She is reliable and trustworthy. It is evident that she cares about completing things in a timely manner. Her day to day management with handling tenants and vendors is professional and efficient."

- Dusty Baker
Midpoint Cooling

Agent: Karen Dujka

"We work with other commercial property agents to secure insurance policies and Dawn's attention to detail and lead time given to us as insurance agents is extremely valuable and something she does much better than others we work with." - Eric Atsma "Dawn solves problems. If I had to sum up her professionalism with on term it would be: "Problem Solver." Communication and the ability to problem solve is usually the #1 thing that clients want in this space (from my experience) and she is an expert and both." - Brett Young

- Eric Atsma & Bretty Young
Erb and Young Insurance

Agent: Dawn McCranie

Bob Pekol is a class act! Great communicator and works the talk. I wouldn't change a thing. We chose to work with a local professional on a leasing assignment that was expected to last six-months. Bob fully leased the project in just two! If you need a true leasing pro, you can't go wrong with Bob.

- Bruce Pagano
Bruce Pagano

Agent: Bob Pekol